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Oh goddess of the darkness
mother to the immortal
let me be reborn as your child
let your light absorb my own

Allow me passage to the darkness
as from your immortal womb
into the arms of your children
to whom I will call brother

Oh moonlight
let me be reborn as your child
guide the dark ones to me
so I shall be born again

original version (latin)

O dea tenebris
mater immortalibus
puer tuus fac me sicut renascentur
mea lux vestra absorbere

liceat mihi locus ad tenebras
sicut ex utero immortales
filios tuos in ulnis
quibus invocaverit te frater

O lunae lumen
puer tuus fac me sicut renascentur
me duce tenebris sunt
i ita erit renatus

i uploaded this because when i red it i loved it.

this poem is believed to ask selene (goddess of the moon and mother of all vampires) to send one of her children to you (a vampire) to turn you into one of her children to.
for the people who beleve in vampires i will add this warning from the website i got it from:

"Note: The following information containing a spell to become a vampire may have dangerous after-effects. It would be wise to not read this article out loud unless you intend for these effects to occur."

and again i do not own this text its a poem from the vampire bible translated in english i will put the original version in to.
Dubraskalopez Featured By Owner May 5, 2016  New Deviant
Unfortunately I have done this like 10 times total but nothing, I was trying to use this for protection of my son and I :(
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